In this tale of self-discovery and adventure, we are connected with a history we’ve come to know as the cradle of civilization.

An Egyptian house servant is caught in a rendezvous with a woman above his social status. As punishment for his indiscretion, he is exiled to labor in the Nubian gold mines. He escapes and vows to return to Thebes but his attempts push him farther and farther away on a journey mired with cruelty, bloodshed and deceit.

Nenshi never lived the life of a servant. He had been raised like a son, in nobility, by an aging architect. He is well-schooled, a master hunter and enjoys spending time with his best friend who is not a servant. The impetuous and entitled Nenshi also hungers to be free. He convinces his master to grant his freedom but the petition is answered too late.

His life turns upside down as he is thrust into a world for which he had been ill prepared – one he could not have imagined existing. Riches can no longer protect him and his Egyptian lifestyle is as remote as the distant Pyramids.

Nenshi’s near death encounters with desert Bedouins; a gruelling trek across mountains with Persian nomads; a newfound love; and, the discovery of a new deity, redefine who he is.

In the end Nenshi learns of his freedom granted by his master and now he must decide whether to return to his homeland or start a new life.