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Vince Santoro Author, Letters of RedemptionLetters of Redemption

When letters are written on behalf of a friend and then turn into your own expression of love, it ultimately leads to guilt and a search for how to end the dishonesty.

Roberto never learned how to write. Maria never knew this because they just met shortly before Roberto was sent to the front lines of North Africa during World War II. Roberto asks a comrade, Antonio, to write love letters to Maria on his behalf. The secret is well hidden and even after Roberto’s death in battle, as the war continues, so do the letters.

Antonio’s dishonesty leads to guilt but the relationship he created and nurtured over time prevents him from telling the truth. He has fallen in love. The war ends. Antonio must find Maria, plea for forgiveness and declare his love for her. Maria, who has also fallen in love with the man behind the letters, must decide whether to follow her heart or let Antonio go.

Letters of Redemption is a story of a man’s search for reconciliation from his transgressions. A hard life as a young boy and a witness to the horrors of war have shaped his values and have caused him to do things he later regrets. The same experiences are also life lessons that open a window to the possibility of a better life. He must discover how to make his life better; how to be a better man.