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the_final_crossing_image_010215The Final Crossing

This is a story about Nenshi, an impetuous Egyptian house servant who hungers to be free. But it’s not that easy given uncertain times and the fact that Nenshi never lived the life of a servant. After all, he was raised like a son by an aging architect – in nobility. He convinces his master to grant his freedom but the petition is answered too late because Nenshi’s indiscretion gets in the way as he is caught in a rendezvous with his lover, a woman above his social status. As punishment for his presumption, he is sentenced to life in the Nubian gold mines.

Nenshi’s life turns upside down as he is thrust into a world for which he had been ill prepared. He escapes from the mines and vows to return to Thebes but his attempts push him farther and farther away on a journey that redefines who he is – a journey mired with cruelty, bloodshed and deceit. Riches can no longer protect him and his Egyptian lifestyle is as remote as the distant Pyramids.

Near death encounters with desert Bedouins; a gruelling trek across mountains with Persian nomads; a newfound love; and, the discovery of a new god, El, made known to him by the patriarch Abraham, all play a part in re-shaping Nenshi’s beliefs.

In the end Nenshi learns of his freedom granted by his master and now he must decide whether to return to his homeland or start a new life.


Vince Santoro Article Technology The Fighter Pilot's Real EnemyTechnology; the fighter pilot’s real enemy

Over the azure skies of the Persian Gulf, an Iraqi Mirage F1 prepares for a dogfight as it maneuvers behind a U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornet. As the Top Gun graduate pulls his turns in repeated accelerations, he begins to feel the effects of the G-forces. Read More >

Celebrating Aviation History

In 1988 Boeing Canada, de Havilland Division celebrated it’s 60th anniversary. These two articles highlight two employees who, among many, contributed to the company’s success.

Reprinted courtesy of The Boeing Company

Vince Santoro Author, Article, Celebrating Aviation HistoryRecollections from employee #1

Frank Warren, who spent 47 years with the company, was de Havilland’s first Canadian employee. This interview with Mr. Warren looks back at the early days. Read More >


Vince Santoro Author, Article, Celebrating Aviation HistoryRetiree was master of all trades

At age 15, during the Depression, George Blanchard, like many others, was in search of a job. He found one at de Havilland. Mr. Blanchard looks back at his 49 years of service. Read More >