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“Write drunk, edit sober,” wrote Ernest Hemingway. Yeah, I know, because he wrote it, you think of Papa Hemingway downing 17 daiquiris in one sitting at the El Floridita bar in Havana, which he did. Now there’s nothing wrong with having your favourite drink while you write – coffee, tea, Campari, Scotch or even a daiquiri. I’m certain there are even those who actually write drunk.

As I write – while enjoying my favourite drink – my thoughts, feelings and my story become intoxicated by the words, the characters, the tension that builds, the twists and turns, and a happy ending.

So welcome to my world of intoxication. I hope you enjoy what you read as you click through and hope you’ll drop me a line or two and share your thoughts and experiences while on your journey. And when you have finished your drink, sit back, relax and expel a sigh of satisfaction over what you have just accomplished. I know I will!

Cheers or as Papa would say in Spanish, Salud!